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We are an (Experimental Hip-Rock) duo from
 Ypsilanti MI. Our sound consists of the finest abstrakt and cutting edge sounds on the planet.

 Towondo"Beyababa"Clayborn &
 Demetrisa"Demeat"Anderson formed in early 2005, we basically hit the ground running and havent
stopped yet. Highly Danceable beats, stage skits and crowd participation are our main ingredient in the (O-D) formula.

 Our lyrics are brought forth from every day life experiences and  highly influenced by what is going on around us. We are very much rooted in the experimental scene of the Midwest, Abstrakt performance comes natural to us  both  that is why Occasional Detroit is on the brink of stardom, Instrumentation consists of the Yamaha Motif, Dr groove 202 drum machine, Live Rock&jazz styled guitars, Vocals ran through sound effect processors, and hand held tape recorders we use all original samples in our music.

 Our beats are all original
 and catered to the audience that we are playing for.
 (O-D) is the kind of act that is unselfish on stage we
 share all duties of musicianship.

 Beyababa is the primary beatmaster, vocalist & orchestrator while Demetrisa wow's the crowd with vocals superb production skills and up front in your face sexyness, with 100%

Crowd participation is rooted deep in our live set
 we will often put people on the spot during our
 shows, In the past we have had the crowd
literally hit the floor and do exercises, jumping jacks etc... all on our command. We have been touring extensively since the beginning and we dont plan to stop.(MOTTO) BE DIFFERENT YET ABLE TO RELATE.


 Henry Ford implanted all michiganders with a metal spine so it takes more time to break the back. Were jumping on the abstract  this is not a easy road, it is an untapped market that (O-D) will break.

Take a walk with us into our world of ABSTRAKT MULTI-MEDIA


 New tracks that are hoping

 to reach your ears. 

Once you get too know us, we will befriend you with open arms& open ideas.

Occasional Detroit's Band Space Page. Dig the photo, this is how I see my position.

Pictures,music,tour dates is all here.

Check us out on i-sound.com