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Spiral Project Indie 35 mm Feature film (Towondo as Calvin)

Be on the lookout for this one, watch Beyababa act a damn ass this film is being shot on 35 mm funded by UOFM. We wrapped this film in early July slated for release in November. Supporting cast member
Towondo" Beyababa" Clayborn as Calvin

Towondo stars in 1 scene as a crackhead in this Independant Feature film shot in Detroit Mi last summer. It has debuted in N.Y.C. and select theatres in Michigan.  June 25th it will debut in Ann Arbor Mi at the State Theatre.

Come and check us out at INDIETUNES.COM


Hello this is Towondo Beyababa Clayborn from Occasional Detroit The Best IN Abstrakt Entertainment. Here are all theplaces you can find (Occasional Detroit)So if you're mood to (O-D) you know right wher to go.WE will be playing the I.N.C. IN MIAMI WE didt getbooked for the no fun fest i think we should have beenon the bill.Good luck to all performers.Here are some links.http://www.beyababa.indiegroup.comhttp://www.demetrisa.indiegroup.comhttp://www.isound.com/music/occasional_detroit/http://www.od.altpro.nethttp://www.jivjiv.com/odetroithttp://www.myspace.com/occasionaldhttp://www.numberonemusic.com/occasionaldetroit/Thanks for keeping us alive and be on the lookout fora ton of new music coming .Slit C-D with milwaukee's own Occasional Detroitfeaturing JuiceboxxCassettes transferred to cd from our last tour andmuch more.(O-D)
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UK Record shop directory
A good Starting point if you are looking for British pressings

The History of the tear and pain trying to make it out of the hood / The Story that lies Behind My Site Modify The Heading 2

Depending on people is hard, Some old crack out guy told me but I am here to tell you there is hope the subject today is sin and when your lost , There is so much  stuff  I  had  to do just to trust a person this include lieing for them and fighting with them and even giving money away , But the historical fact is there is no one you can trust here you will find lots of information about my subject the life I'm living .  I can  discuss how my business got started , I started when I live with my mom on a street called  grove RD here I put myself out there to make some money, I had to sell drugs to help out my family me as a young woman going to High school tryin to keep young men off of me all the time  all of my friends had kids ,I was a  very small person so almost everyday I had to fight big girls to show that I was not going to let no one hoe me out or kill me , My family is crazy cool and loving at the same time I am the  oldest in my family of (5) ,So let me tell you about Living in the hood because  you get it how you live & the reason why I say this you see with your eyes right and my eyes saw that

there are  dead nigga ,a crackhead & the shit get deep so hang out with your girl . If my site is about a sports team, music group, movie star, it's TRU  I could chronologically list lot's of  bullshit but  I  not  I'll  summarize all the major events coming up in my world  your very important to my WORLD.  

Look me up at : Demetrisa.indiegroup.com

& myspace.com/occasionald